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How to Make the Perfect Welsh Cakes

For any Welsh fans we have out there and are looking to celebrate St. David's Day, we have found a great recipe to make the perfect Welsh cakes.

Today marks St. David's Day and is also one of the most colourful days of the year in Wales. You will find bright yellow daffodils, traditional dress and vibrant green leeks everywhere. Although being in lockdown has affected certain celebrations, you can still take part in today's festivities.

One way that has suggested how you can join in, is to take part in their digital version of '72 hrs of Welsh Culture & Life'. It ends at midnight tonight, so go and check it out here. Another way we recommend celebrating today is creating the perfect Welsh cakes! So take a look at the recipe we have found and get cooking.

Welsh Cake Recipe by Great British Chefs

The perfect Welsh cakes are very easy to make and taste sublime with a light dusting of sugar!

This recipe makes 8 Welsh cakes and only takes 30 minutes to make. This recipe uses a griddle, which is perfect when making these cakes as it reduces the risk of burning.

According to Great British Chefs, griddle cooking used to be very popular all over the UK as it was used to easily make those dinner time treats! If you don't have the access to a griddle, then a heavy cast iron frying pan will be fine.

This recipe recommends that you don't use a modern non-stick frying pan, as the cakes can easily burn. So if you are ready to start cooking then click here for the recipe.

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