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The Homemade Curing Kit

Lemon & Dill Oil


Made with the finest cold-pressed Cotswold rapeseed oil, and infused with vibrant lemon and dill.

When researching what type of oil would work the best for curing salmon, we discovered that Cotswold rapeseed oil was by far the winning option. The oil is infused with lemon and dill so has a distinctive flavour that adds depth to food. You can add it onto the uncooked salmon or if you want to cook, then drizzle on the salmon whilst cooking. Or this marvellous oil can be used to dress your masterpiece of a plate. This oil is part of our wider Homemade Curing Kit Range.

  • Lemon & Dill Finishing Oil (100ml)

Shelf-life: minimum of one year

Packaging: glass bottle

    Lemon & Dill Oil (100ml) - Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Cotswold Rapeseed Oil infused with Lemon and Dill. All infusions are less than 3%

    • Gluten-free       
    • Dairy-free          
    • Suitable for vegetarians                
    • Contains no nuts, egg or soy

    Allergens: None

    Lemon & Dill Oil



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