Handmade, British food gifts that offer an experience as well as a gift is our main inspiration here at Ross & Ross. We are based around the Cotswolds and produce foodie gifts and products.

"Our mission is to create original food products and gifts using the best British ingredients and producers".

Our values

Since the beginning we have slowly begun to ingrain our most important values as a business and as people into everything we do. We operate with these 10 core values in mind at all times:


The inspiration behind each of our products & gifts comes from a unique, creative and thought-out process. When creating gift ideas, we always strive to provide an experience as well as a gift. When creating grocery products we aim to create something that is specific to a food type as know the flavours will match perfectly and taste amazing!

Customer Happiness

"Bought as a gift. Arrived quickly. Really thoughtfully packaged and very much appreciated by recipient. Everything is delicious, especially the oil. Great gift! "

Customer happiness may sound cheesy but inevitably we as a team and a business will go as far as we can to ensure our customers are happy with our products and service.

Supporting Small Business

Originating from the Cotswolds we grew strong connections with many other local businesses and we strive to continue these relationships long into the future. Being a small, British business we totally relate to the ups & downs of operating a business in the current economy, so one of our main values is to support each other. We do this through sourcing all of our products and suppliers from in and around the Cotswolds as best we can.


Born in the Cotswolds, we are a small British business who loves our heritage and we proudly highlight our official Made In Britain mark. This protected 'collective mark tells you that we manufacturer in Britain, and to the very highest standards'. You can read more about what this mark means here.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a small business we are working hard to be a business that contributes more than fantastic food gifts & products. We are aiming to positively contribute to the environment and our community through a variety of different activities. To read more about our corporate social responsibility.


Being transparent is important in all aspects of our business operations. We value being open, honest & transparent with our customers, suppliers and any other relationship we have. As a business we feel this creates a positive way of doing business and builds trust with relationships we deeply appreciate.

Equal Opportunities

Providing equal opportunities to every individual, regardless of age, sex, race, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation and pregnancy/maternity is of high value to Ross & Ross Gifts. Encouraging equal opportunities runs through our staff training, employment process, how we interact with all business relationships and ensuring our fellow suppliers have the same equal opportunities values.

Consistent Quality

Most businesses will strive to achieve 'quality products' and we aren't any different, however what makes us different is that we like to support our claims of great quality. Throughout our business we aim to deliver quality products, customer care, treatment of staff and quality relationships.

The first step for us when creating our food gifts & products is ensuring we source the highest quality ingredients and products from our local suppliers. We are proud to source our ingredients & products from our local Cotswold suppliers and you can find out why we claim they are the best quality.


Being an award-winning food producer, we certainly have a background of expertise in food. We have worked within the food industry for 10 years, starting with making pate's and terrines for well-renowned businesses such as Harrods.

Ross Bearman, owner and Director of Ross & Ross Gifts has an extensive history of working with food and also holds a huge knowledge base of fine food that he uses when creating new gift ides & products.

To learn more about our where the Ross & Ross brand came from, then click here. You can also learn more about our prestigious awards here.

Enthusiasm & Belief

Having enthusiasm and belief in our products and the way we run our business is one of our top 10 values. We believe it's vital to the daily operations of our business and we strive to encourage this throughout our team. We all have a strong enthusiasm for the products we create and promote, as food is something all of the team have in common!

We then need the belief in our products and the business in order to effectively promote. This belief comes from the knowledge that our products and business operations follow all of our other values in order for us to support them.