Pep up your grilling with BBQ salts this summer

Even if you've already got BBQ rubs and BBQ sauces covered, it's time to add BBQ salts to your repertoire for an unforgettable burst of flavour the next time that you fire up the grill.

BBQ salts are the next big thing for your barbecue. Combining the highest quality Halen Mon salts with specially selected flavourings, we have created an award-winning way to get extra flavour into your meat this summer. Our Original BBQ Salt won two stars in the Great Taste Awards 2017, blowing the judges away with its depth of flavour and versatility. They raved about it:
“This is an interesting and unusual product – the big salt crystals look attractive and the flavours all come through, without any one element dominating. The crystals can be crushed easily in the fingers and we all felt it would be a great seasoning for a barbecue. Many flavoured salts are gimmicky but this tastes good and would be a useful addition to the seasonings shelf.”
Halen Mon sea salt is made from the salt-rich sea water off Anglesey and has been granted Protected Designation of Origin status, alongside the likes of Champagne, Parmesan and Parma ham. As well as the subtle flavour, we loved the crunch it gave our finished dishes and knew that it was the perfect salt to create our unique blends. 


Using our BBQ Salts

We've created two salt blends to add to your spice rack - Original and a spicier version. Our first BBQ salt flavours sea salt with smoke, garlic and charcoal to give in authentic and rich taste to grilled meats and vegetables. For those in search of something a little hotter, we added a hefty dose of chilli to our Spicy BBQ salt. You can use BBQ salt at any stage of cooking, but we recommend a generous sprinkle added to cooked meats before serving. Deviating from the BBQ, we've been known to add it to chips, roast potatoes and even to top a fried egg on our breakfast. Anything that'd benefit from a smoky, savoury kick is fair game!

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