Our New Year Must-Haves 2022

January is the best time of year for for making new resolutions, for coming up with ideas, and for trying new and exciting experiences.

So why not start here?

If you’re a fan of cooking, or you’ve made the new year resolution to improve on your culinary prowess, then Ross & Ross Gifts has certainly got your back.

Down below is a list of some of our fabulous products that we believe are the must-haves for 2022! From generous hampers to fantastic curing kits that will help guide you in your journey to becoming a five star chef.


Veggie Roast Dinner Kit

Since 2014, Veganuary has taken place each January as a way to encourage and challenge people to try the plant-based diet for the entire month. You can read more about Veganuary here

Now as much as we love our meat, we also love our vegetables and have made sure to include a fantastic range of products that will help you to elevate the flavours of your veggie and vegan dishes!

But one of our all-time favourite veggie products is the Veggie Roast Dinner Kit.


This award-winning kit contains four different products that will help take your plant-based roast dinners to a whole new level of tastiness. Complete with three of our veggie rubs, and our award-winning Roast Potato Oil. Interested in what else we have to offer? Make sure to check out the rest of our Veggie Range!


The Ultimate Bacon Sandwich Kit

Who doesn't love a good and hearty bacon sandwich! With this kit, we have paired our bestselling, award-winning Homemade Bacon Curing Kit with two incredibly delicious sauces to create the Ultimate Bacon Sandwich Kit! A perfect kit for anyone who loves bacon and who wishes to try an authentic, artisan, culinary experience.


This kit includes three different flavourful curing mixes, an instruction booklet on how to use the equipment/ cure the meat, delicious BBQ Sauce by Pip's Hot Sauce and Beetroot Ketchup by the Foraging Fox


The Homemade Salmon Curing Tube

January is also the best time to focus on getting fit and healthy (or trying to at least) and one of most effective ways to do so is by keeping an eye on what we eat.

There are quite a few health benefits to eating salmon; it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are essential to keeping your heart healthy, it supports brain function, lowers inflammation, and supports healthy ageing by maintaining bone health, skin elasticity, and by preventing muscle loss.

Our Smoky Salmon Curing Tube is perfect for anyone who wants to try a new cooking experience whilst maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet. Want to try something even more unique? Try our Beetroot Salmon Curing Tube!

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BBQ Hamper- Original or Spicy

If you're someone like me who looks forward to the hot summer weather, then you know that it's never too early to start imagining all the amazing dishes you could make on your BBQ. 

The BBQ Hamper- Original includes a selection of BBQ rubs, sauces, salts, jams, and oils which have all been specifically created for meat & fish. It also includes our delectable, award-winning BBQ Salt! 

Our BBQ Hamper- Spicy is perfect for anyone who loves their BBQ dishes extra hot and spicy. This kit contains a broad selection of rubs, oils, salts and sauces, including our Spicy BBQ Oil and our Spicy BBQ Salt


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We hope that this fabulous selection of products inspires you try something new this year! Make sure to share your brilliant creations with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!