Our Suppliers

As a small business we understand the trials of growing a business in the current climate and this is why we made a promise when launching the brand -

"We will always use British businesses when sourcing ingredients, packaging, products and services, and always aim to use local where possible".

Check out our amazing suppliers below:

Cotswold Gold

Located in Worcestershire, Cotswold Gold launched their business in 2010. They produce high-quality rapeseed oil and use this oil in a selection of their food products.

“Cotswold Gold is a premium extra virgin rapeseed oil made using traditional cold pressing methods that preserve the health benefits of the seed making the oil naturally high in vitamin E, rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 and low in cholesterol.

With its natural health benefits and extremely versatile cooking properties Cotswold Gold is unquestionably the best oil to use for all cooking from dressings to high temperature frying…basically anything you need oil for in your cooking use Cotswold Gold!”

Find out more about Cotswold Gold and their oil:

The Cotswold Brew Co.

Beginning in 2005, the founders were facing the challenge of producing a high-quality British lager full of flavour. They succeeded with their challenge by producing "the most iconic lager from the Cotswolds".

"With each Cotswold Brew Co lager taking six weeks to brew from start-to-finish, including a four week ‘lagering’ process, we take the utmost care to ensure that your favourite drink tastes great from the first to the last drop. After all, we don’t want you to settle for anything less than premium".

Kitchen Garden Foods

Since their humble beginnings in 1989, using family recipes to produce small batches of preserves. The brand has now expanded their range and has won over 100 awards for their ranges of fine handmade preserves; chutneys, jams, marmalade's, sauces, mustard's and dressings.

"All of our cooked products are made in open pans and our mustards and dressings are blended by hand. We use no artificial preservatives, thickeners, colourings or emulsifiers. Our ingredients are purchased from quality wholesalers and growers and we use fresh or fresh frozen fruits and vegetables which are sourced locally whenever possible".

The Cotswold Curer

"The Cotswold Curer produced its first batch of handmade salami in 2011. It was created out of a love of charcuterie which developed during childhood holidays in France and our support of high animal welfare standards practised by many farmers around us. We are based in Cirencester within the heart of the Cotswolds and so we are able to use local outdoor reared Pork from both rare and traditional breeds".

Cotswolds Distillery

"Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Cotswolds countryside, producing Outstanding Natural Spirits since 2014.

Our distillery is the first full-scale distillery in the Cotswolds. We craft a range of single malt whiskies, gins and liqueurs, including the award-winning Cotswolds Dry Gin and Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky.

We believe in doing things properly. We use traditional methods and equipment, but with a fresh attitude and an attention to detail that ensures that everything we produce is made to the highest possible standard."

The Cotswold Cider Company

In 2009, the brand launched with a passion for apples and the desire to "bring quirky craft cider with bags of character and spirited personality".

"Only ever fermented from 100% apple juice using English bittersweet cider apples for that true, honest, full-blooded real good cider, without compromise".

Hogan's Cider

Officially launched in 2005, Hogan's Cider is on a mission to change the perception of cider and show people how proper cider tastes.

"Don't be fooled by some (a lot) of the so called cider out there. Our cider (and Perry) is fermented from only 100% fresh pressed English cider apples grown in the surrounding countryside and contains NOTHING that doesn't need to be there. In fact our corner of the world is rich with cider heritage boasting more orchards than anywhere else in the UK".

Sauce Shop

Inspired by the fact that "sauces we were buying were not doing our food justice", in 2014 they decided to create a range of their own. They produce a range of sauces, condiments, gifts and more.

Pip's Hot Sauce

"Pip’s Hot Sauce is a devilishly spicy chilli sauce brand. Crafted in small batches to ensure quality, these sauces are made by chilli heads for chilli heads who love flavour as well as spice!"

We use their sauce in many of our gift hampers and boxes.

Gordon Rhodes

In 2011, the Gordon Rhodes brand was born with the inspiration of a traveller called Gordon. His diary full of food adventures was discovered which sparked the creation of Gordon Rhodes. The brand produces a range stuffing mixes, Gourmet meals, cooking sauces and bread sauce.

"We only source the finest ingredients to create our Jolly Fine flavours and you will find no “nasties” in our range as Gordon Rejects artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives plus every product is vegetarian friendly too!"

Mr. Trotter's

"Born in 2011, from the shared passion of three pork scratching aficionados".

"Mr Trotter’s Triple Cooked Pork Crackling is triple-cooked, especially to produce a crunchier, punchier, porkier crackling and a much lighter texture. And because of Mr Trotter’s unique triple cooking method, we can use rind from other parts of the pig. That means less wastage, and maybe even more variety of texture and flavour".


Launching in 2007 from a family kitchen, the business produces a range of cooking sauces, gravies, stocks and mayonnaises.

"Perfect for people who crave products with a distinctively homemade taste and authentic ingredients".

The Foraging Fox

Starting their journey in 2015 with an all natural ketchup, Foraging Fox now produce a range of exciting condiments that we use in variety of our gift hamper and boxes.

"We’re inspired by wild and wacky ingredients, mixes that you’d think would never work but then to your joy and rapture become your new favourite flavour! That’s our promise to you. To keep exploring with fresh and unforgettable tastes, to maintain our commitment to adventures in food and to do this only using the best quality, better for you ingredients, without cutting corners".

Halen Môn

Located in the Isle of Anglesey, Halen Môn began their journey in 1997 by producing sea salt and now using this sea salt in many gifts and products around the world.

"Sea salt was made on the island of Anglesey up until the late eighteenth century when it was halted after makers were fined for adulterating the sea brine with Cheshire rock salt.
Today, we have resurrected this age-old craft by combining traditional hand harvesting with brand new technology to produce the crunchy white flakes of Halen Môn. Unlike our predecessors, however, we don’t add anything"

Check out how Halen Môn extract and process their fine sea salt: