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Choosing the perfect gifts for Dad this Father's Day - no socks allowed!

Father's Day 2021 falls on 20 June, and it's your opportunity to show Dad just how much you care. No gift can truly express how grateful we are for everything that they do for us, but it's nice to give them a token of appreciation that they'll truly enjoy. We've been reliably informed that most Dads have enough mugs, socks, ties, and key rings to last a lifetime. Let's get them something that they'll love this year, with the perfect gifts for Dad from Ross and Ross.

For the Dad who loves the BBQ...

If your father is King of the Grill, why not pick up a gift to take his BBQ to the next level? We've studied the art of alfresco dining all over the world - not only the pitmasters of America's Deep South but flavours from the souks of Morocco and the Indian tandoor as well. The result is our range of BBQ salts, oils, and rubs that are guaranteed to please. The Ultimate Smoky BBQ Kit contains everything Dad needs to cook up a storm, including oils, jams, salts, and sauces. If you're looking for something a bit spicier, The Ultimate Hot and Smoky BBQ Kit is perfect.

For the Dad who is a Master Chef...

Some of our favourite gifts for dad are those that allow him to display his culinary flourishes in the kitchen. We love food, and our range of gifts reflects this. Why not gift Dad an unforgettable meal with the Ultimate Steak and Chips Kit? We've boxed up all of our favourite products for creating this restaurant favourite at home, including salts, rubs, oils and sauces. There's everything you need to transform the mundane into the magnificent, and we're sure he'll be applying to Masterchef ASAP.

For the Dad who knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day...

Name a better breakfast than the bacon sandwich? We'll wait. Britain loves bacon, but for your special Dad, only the best bacon will do. We believe that that is delicious home-cured bacon that you make yourself. The Homemade Curing Kit... Bacon will teach you how to cure bacon at home and includes everything you need to get started, just add pork. It only takes seven days to cure your first piece of bacon - same time next week Dad?

For the Dad who just fancies a drink...

Not every dad is a whiz in the kitchen, even if they enjoy all of the delicious things cooked there. For those dads, we recommend choosing a gift that only needs removing from the fridge when it's suitably chilled. The Beer and Bacon Kit contains four of our favourite Cotswold beers along with our Homemade Bacon Curing Tube… Smoky to enjoy with them.


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