Top 5 Foodie Father's Day Gifts for 2021

It's the same thing every year... what shall we get Dad for Father's Day? He's already got enough mugs, novelty ties, and funny socks to last a lifetime, and we love him more than that anyway. Just in case it had slipped your mind, Father's Day 2021 is on 20 June. We believe that the way to a Dad's heart is through his stomach, so we've put together a countdown (in no particular order!) of the top foodie Father's Day gifts from Ross and Ross this year.

The Ultimate Smoky BBQ Kit

We've got faith that the sun will be peering through the clouds by the end of June, so we're championing The Ultimate Smoky BBQ Kit as a top unique Father's Day present. It contains all the secret ingredients for a brilliant BBQ, including our Sweet Ribs Rub for Pork, BBQ Rub for Pork, BBQ salt, Smoky Chipotle BBQ Jam, BBQ Oil, Pips ‘La Barbacoa’ BBQ Sauce and Pip’s Feugo Del Verde Green Sauce.

We've also thrown in a selection of recipe cards to inspire the big alfresco feast - all you need is a bit of sunshine and an invite!


Does Dad prefer something with a bit of heat? We've also got the Ultimate Hot and Smoky BBQ Kit, perfect for chilli enthusiasts that have mastered the BBQ. Some of them pack quite a punch - you have been warned!




The British BBQ Box

We also have a budget-friendly British BBQ Box that makes an excellent gift for Dad. The box contains our BBQ Oil, smoky chipotle BBQ Jam, BBQ Rub, and our two-star Great Taste Award-winning Salt. This is the perfect gift for anyone who simply loves a Father's Day BBQ.

The Ultimate Steak & Chips Kit

Steak and chips remains one of our favourite choices when we go out for a meal, but we've made it easier than ever to recreate this restaurant favourite at home. The Ultimate Steak Chips Kit contains everything you need to create top chef-quality steak and chips, including Steak Rub for Beef, Three Peppercorn and Brandy Sauce, Bearnaise Sauce, Tewkesbury Mustard, BBQ salt, Smoky Chipotle Ketchup, Roast Potato Oil and Salt & Vinegar Salt.

Using dry rubs injects a whole new layer of flavour to your meat, and our Roast Potato Oil brings a smoky crispness to your chips.

The Homemade Curing Kit...Bacon

Dad deserves to wake up to a full fry up on Father's Day, but by next weekend he could be eating delicious handcrafted artisan bacon that he cured himself. One of our original foodie Father's Day gifts, our bacon curing kit contains everything you need to get started - just add pork. Curing your own bacon is a lot easier than you think, and our foolproof kit is perfect for ambitious foodies who fancy trying something new. Just a heads up - it's very easy to get hooked on homemade bacon. You might want to get a refill kit ready for Dad's stocking this year...