Cure your own bacon at home with our Homemade Curing Kits

Are you ready to cure your own bacon? Introducing our homemade curing kits - allowing you to make unique artisanal cured meat and fish in your own home!

Our homemade curing kits are the ultimate gift for that person in your life who loves quality cured meats and a spot of DIY! You could be just seven days away from the best bacon sandwich of your life. Our curing kits contain everything you need to set sail on your culinary journey - just add meat and you can cure your own bacon in a week! All our boxes include:
  • Our exclusive blends of curing mix
  • Curing bags
  • Muslin
  • Plastic gloves
  • Butchers hook
  • Easy-to-follow instructions in a handy booklet

The Original Homemade Bacon Curing Kit

This is the first in our range of homemade curing kits. This version contains our Original, Sweet and Smoky cures to introduce you to the traditional flavours and process of making your own bacon. These cures create great tasting bacon in seven days - just add pork. Original - our traditional mix to create that classic bacon flavour Sweet - with the addition of organic demerara sugar to really bring out the flavour of the pork Smoky - the salts and sugar have been smoked to give that favourite smoky bacon flavour   

The Spicy Homemade Bacon Curing Kit

The second in the range of our homemade curing kits, this version introduces some new exciting flavours to the classic bacon. We have taken influences from gin, classic charcuterie flavours and the British love of spice to create brilliant mixes to cure your own bacon at home. All of our cures create great tasting bacon in seven days. Just add pork. Old English - mild and very aromatic with hints of juniper, fennel and star anise Cotswold Chorizo - slightly spicier and smoky with hints smoked paprika, chilli and coriander British BBQ - very hot and spicy, packed with chilli, cayenne and mustard   

The Salmon Homemade Curing Kit

You asked, we delivered - the third in the range of our homemade curing kits introduces you to classic flavours of traditional salmon curing. We worked closely with renowned local business The Cotswolds Distillery on the gin cure, which is made to the (top secret) recipe of their signature Cotswolds Gin. Beetroot - earthy, full flavoured cure which tints the salmon a beautiful dark colour Cotswold Gin - light, aromatic cure which lifts the flavour of traditional salmon Smoky - the salts and sugar have been smoked to give that favourite smoky flavour  

Don't forget bacon isn't just for sandwiches, you can use your tasty cured creations to make lots of wonderful treats for your friends and family.