Our Reforestation Project!

We've partnered with Ecologi to help protect the environment because, even as a micro-business, we all have a duty to preserve our planet for future generations.


We're super excited that Ecologi are assisting us by planting a tree for every order placed via our store. These trees are supporting their forest restoration project in Kenya - run by Eden Reforestation Projects

Deforestation which has taken place in the Mau Region of Southern Kenya has occured particularly since the 1970s to support agriculture, charcoal production and livestock. However, this has caused widespread degradation of the land which, when combined with recent droughts in the region, has caused severe hydrological damage throughout local watersheds.

The project site covers six individually-defined reforestation areas totalling 5,700 hectares in area. The land itself is owned by the local community and will be planted by local community members from the region.

Using an “employ-to-plant” methodology provides a consistent income in sustainable land-use practices for the local people who are employed as planters, nursery staff, and forest guards as part of the project activity. This consistent income allows the local community to achieve greater levels of access to education, nutrition and healthcare.

A wide variety of native species are being planted in this site, including trees that will provide new food sources for local people like avocado, lemon and papaya trees. Planting native trees allows areas to naturally regenerate, encouraging plants and animals to return to areas where they used to live.

With restoration comes carbon sequestration too - by making reductions today, and planning reductions in the future, we can pave ways towards a comprehensive strategy of limiting climate change.

Ross & Ross Gifts want to use our presence in the foodie market to promote sustainability, preservation, and guardianship. Therefore, we are super excited to be funding the planting of a tree for every order placed! Together we can help combat the devestating effects of climate change. 

If you'd like to read more about our efforts to help the environment, please do check out our Environmental Policy. And to help us on our mission to restore Kenya's forests make sure to check out our Shop!