UK BBQ Week Recipes

To celebrate everything great about the grill, we have compiled our favourite BBQ recipes so you can get the most out of your BBQ this UK BBQ Week!


Saturday 4th July - Cheese Burgers

Aged short rib, chuck and bone marrow. Westcombe Cheddar Grilled over Whittle & Flame Ash charcoal and oak whisky barrel 

Sunday 5th July - Pork Chops

Double rare breed pork loin chops from @Todenham Manor Simply seasoned with our BBQ Salt. Rendered some of the fat first then cooked hot and fast over Whittle & Flame Sycamore charcoal and rested in some cherry wood smoke. Pork & Cider sauce. Grilled Jersey Royals


Monday 6th July - Asparagus

We are based near the Vale of Evesham which is the home of British Asparagus Grilled with our BBQ Oil and sea salt. Rested in Ampersand cultured butter.    

Tuesday 7th July - Tacos

Flat Iron Tacos Heavily seasoned in our Spicy BBQ Salt and a dusting of our Steak Rub. Cooked hot and fast over oak. Charred spring onions, shredded lettuce, local tomatoes, sour cream and Pips Fuego del Verde hot sauce. 

Wednesday 8th July - Wings

Smoked Chicken Wings. Seasoned with our Roast Chicken rub. Smoked for an hour over apple and cherry wood. Brushed with our Cherry & Chipotle sauce for half an hour.


Thursday 9th July - Ribs

Short Ribs Seasoned with our Roast Beef rub and seas salt. Smoked over oak. Braised in chicken stock, ale and onions until the bones are easily pulled out. Pulled then placed back in the braising juices to rest. Served with toasted sesame bagels, truffle mayo, hot dog mustard, rocket and crispy onions. 

Friday 10th July - Cajun Salmon

Rub salmon with the Cajun rub to give a light coating Grate lemon zest all over salmon (keep lemons for later) and leave in the fridge for two hours to marinate. Remove from fridge 30 mins before cooking and lightly season with salt. Place on the BBQ (we used cross grates) and cook away from the heat of the charcoal for about 15 mins. Ideally with the lid closed. It is ready when it starts to flake away from the skin but is still really moist. Cut the whole reserved lemons and place over the charcoal to caramelise Squeeze lemons over the salmon and serve immediately Download the recipe card: BBQ Cajun Salmon   

Saturday 11th July - Pizza

Homemade dough. Cooked in the Ooni 3 with beech wood pellets. Ham, mushroom, pineapple, basil. Homemade tomato sauce. Mozzarella Spicy Cotswolds Chorizo, nduja, pineapple. Homemade tomato sauce. Mozzarella.    

Sunday 12th July - Roast Beef

35 day salt aged Longhorn Cote de Boeuf from Martins Meats. Heavy seasoning from our BBQ Salt. Reverse seared over Whittle & Flame ash charcoal. Smoke from oak wood. Then cooked hot until rare. Rested near the smoke until medium rare. Loads of black pepper Smoked Jersey Royals, Beef & red wine sauce, English Mustard. Charred broccoli and asparagus.     

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