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Easy Halloween Jalapeños Bacon Mummies

Our Halloween Jalapenos Bacon Mummies are hot, hot, hot!

Trick or treat? Obviously, we've got a treat for you if Jalapenos are your thing! Planning a Halloween event means you need inspiration, and what's more inspirational than our spooky suggestion of Halloween Jalapenos Bacon Mummies? For them to work well, you need to serve them up alongside a range of finger foods that embrace the Halloween horror. Our Halloween Jalapenos Bacon Mummies offer a combination of salty and hot deliciousness, and with the help of our bacon curing kit spicy, you get to step into a whole new world of culinary goodness.

Fancying Trying A Cure Your Own Bacon Kit?

It's Halloween, and when it comes to trick or treating, we're very much in favour of a treat, and if you have guests, you need to offer a little something spicy. Our Halloween Jalapenos Bacon Mummies can be created with our Spicy Bacon Curing Kit! Learning how to cure your own spicy bacon is easy, and you can do it at home. Less of the eye of newt and tongue of toad, and more of the salts, nitrates, and sugar that make for a magical spicy bacon curing combo! You can be a total beginner or an authority in bacon curing, and still, find our curing kit the perfect accompaniment to your Halloween Jalapenos Bacon Mummies. The whole aim here is to draw out that moisture by magic (psst, it's osmosis!) and enjoy some homemade bacon that tastes fantastic and offers a talking point for your food.

How To Make Halloween Jalapenos Bacon Mummies

So, now that you know exactly what you need to spice up your offerings this Halloween, it's going to help you to learn precisely how to create our Halloween Jalapenos Bacon Mummies! What You Need:
  • Cream cheese
  • Pepper Jack cheese
  • Any other cheese you want!
  • Cured spicy bacon
  • Jalapenos
  • Pastry (short-crust or puffed, it's your choice!)
  • Candy eyes
  1. Mix the cream cheese, Pepper Jack cheese, and all other cheeses in a bowl
  2. Add the bacon and mix it all in, too.
  3. Wearing a pair of food-grade gloves (trusty extras make for a much better experience!), slice open the jalapenos with a paring knife length-wise.
  4. Remove all the seeds carefully, and then fill the jalapenos with the cheese and bacon mixture.
  5. Lay each jalapeno crescent out on a cutting board, and pinch two crescents together to create a rectangle.
  6. Cut your pastry into ten thin strips
  7. Wrap three strips around each jalapeno, but leave some space for the eyes!
  8. Bake in the oven for 12-14 minutes until golden brown
  9. Cool for five minutes, then place the candy eyes on - stick them down with a little water!

Our Halloween Jalapenos Bacon Mummies are the perfect accompaniment to your Halloween table, and the homemade cured bacon is going to be an excellent addition to a dish that's already tasty! With Ross and Ross Gifts, you can choose from any of our delicious bacon curing kits to make this the perfect side option. Not only that, but you can make cured bacon at home for ANY occasion. Why wait?!

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