5 glorious ways to eat bacon

Is there anything more glorious than a crisp juicy bacon sandwich on a lazy Sunday morning?

Well, there just might be. Now you've taken the plunge and decided to cure your own bacon, why not venture outside your comfort zone? We've got five new ways to eat bacon - because bacon is for life, not just for breakfast.

Go American style

First and foremost, we enjoy our bacon alongside a traditional British fry up - sweet, salty and crispy next to the bangers, beans, eggs, etc. However, for a change, why not try your home cured bacon as part of a stateside breakfast? Swap toast for fluffy buttermilk pancakes drizzled with maple syrup and add some creamy scrambled eggs and crisp hash browns  on the side. Drenching savoury foods in smoky maple syrup is strangely addictive... this works especially well with bacon made using our sweet cure.

Bring a new dimension to old favourites

The sweet, salty, tangy flavour of bacon can boost your boring weekday dinner favourites as well. Chop finally and sauté with onions, garlic, celery and carrot for a deeply flavoursome base for your Bolognese sauce or a hearty cottage pie. We think this base would also be lovely for a wintery stew, soups, risottos... the possibilities are endless!

Bacon makes salads better

Some people will try to argue that eating bacon and eating salad are mutually exclusive. But we love the contrasts of crisp salty rashers of bacon with fresh, crunchy leaves. Go warm with boiled new potatoes and a spicy vinaigrette, or enjoy cold fried bacon to lilt a caesar salad to new heights. We also swear by adding crispy bacon to guacamole!

Sweeter ways to eat bacon

You can eat bacon for dessert. No, really. The internet is full of delicious bacon filled sweets, including this maple crepe cake from Jamie Oliver, bacon-swirled cinnamon rolls, and candied bacon chocolate chip cookies. If you just want to test the waters, why not chop up some thinly sliced bacon, fry it in a little flavourless oil and sprinkle over some shop bought vanilla ice cream?

...or make a bacon sandwich

Even after all of that... we like to eat bacon in sandwiches. Because it's delicious. We have paired our bestselling, award-winning bacon curing kit with two incredibly delicious sauces to create the Ultimate Bacon Sandwich Kit! This kit is perfect for anyone that wants to learn a new skill, loves bacon or wants to try out a new culinary experience.

Want to put some of these tasty bacon ideas to the test?