Home curing spicy bacon just in time for Christmas

We're not trying to steal attention from the turkey, but there's still time for home curing spicy bacon before Christmas Day. It's quicker and easier than you think, and will make for a spectacular twist on the average pigs in blankets or turkey lattice.

Do you fancy trying your hand at cure your own spicy bacon ready for this festive season? Friends and family will be very impressed when you whip out your signature spicy bacon this Christmas, expertly cured in the comfort of your own kitchen. You don't need to build a smoker in the garden - that's a better job for the summer anyway! You can cure bacon at home with just a bit of extra space in your fridge. The first step is to order yourself The Homemade Curing Kit… Spicy Bacon, which contains everything you need to cure your own Old English, Cotswold Chorizo and British BBQ bacon at home.

Inside your package, you'll find:

  • Our exclusive blends of curing mix
  • Curing bags
  • Muslin
  • Plastic gloves
  • Butchers hook
  • Easy-to-follow instructions in a handy booklet

All you'll need to add is pork. We recommend a visit to your local butcher to get the best quality pork you can find, because your bacon sandwich deserves it. You are in search of a beautiful piece of pork belly, with a generous smattering of fat.

If you buy your pork belly with the rind on, it needs to be removed before you begin the curing process to ensure that the flavours can penetrate the meat and work their magic. You want each piece of bacon that you cure to weigh in at about 500g.

Before you begin, prepare your fridge to hold the bacon. Make sure that you have plenty of free space for the air to circulate around your curing bacon. Remove anything from your fridge that has a strong odour, as this can taint the delicious flavours of the bacon that will be developing. Be sure to read through the instructions included with your homemade spicy bacon curing kit thoroughly before you begin, and you're only seven days away from home curing spicy bacon this Christmas!

Do you know someone who would like to have a go at home curing spicy bacon? The Homemade Curing Kit… Spicy Bacon makes a brilliant Christmas gift, and they might even invite you over to sample their efforts in 2018.

Ross & Ross Top Tip: If you have any delicious spicy bacon left over after the big day (unlikely we know) why not enjoy a delicious boxing day bacon sandwich with a kick!