BBQ launch at Gloucester Services

Earlier this month we packed up our new BBQ range and popped down to the fabulous Gloucester Services to launch our new products.

The aim of the new range was to build on the BBQ bits we did last year and with our catering. The idea was to create a range of products to compliment the BBQ and #enhanceyourBBQ

We have worked with other great suppliers to come up eight BBQ rubs, three BBQ Jams, two BBQ salts and two BBQ Oil.

The BBQ Jams are available in Habanero & Pineapple, Smoky Chipotle and Sweet Chilli & Lime. All with varying levels of heat they are great as a condiment or a last minute glaze.

BBQ rubs are designed for specific meats: Sweet Ribs rub for Pork Jerk rub for Chicken BBQ rub for Pork Moroccan rub for Lamb Tandoori rub for Chicken Steak rub for Beef Cajun rub for Fish Chilli rub for Chicken.

BBQ Oils. Made by Cotswold Gold for us using our blended recipes. Using the amazing Rapeseed Oil (which has a super high smoke point so is perfect for BBQ's) and the oil infused with smoke, charcoal and garlic. Giving you an extra layer of flavour when cooking. Available in Original & Spicy. We have also blended the incredible Halen Mon Sea Salt. These are blends of smoked, charcoal and garlic sea salt made to create an extra depth of flavour to your cooking. Available in Original and Spicy.

For further details check out Gloucester Services' Blog about us and the new range.