BBQ Season is coming...

The sun is shining and it's time to BBQ! The weather is slowly improving which means we all need to make sure we're ready for the first opportunity to barbecue. At Ross & Ross we take barbecuing very seriously, from what rubs we use down to the charcoal we use. We have our very own range of BBQ products to create the perfect BBQ feast, which includes our selection of BBQ Jams, BBQ Oils, BBQ Salts and BBQ Rubs. Each rub caters to a specific kind of meat, for instance our Tandoori Rub for Chicken and Moroccan Rub for Lamb. However, you can always put a healthier spin on our rubs and marinade your veg to make a vegetarian kebab. Why not look through and pick what you want from our BBQ range?

For charcoal we always go to The Oxford Charcoal Company which create gourmet charcoal and withholds all the natural flavours which come from Sustainable British Woodlands. Not only is the wood to make the charcoal sustainably sourced, but it only takes 15 minutes till it's ready to cook! No need for firelighters. The charcoal comes in a wide range of flavours, like Sweet Chestnut, Cherry Wood, Birch, Maple...the list goes on! You can even match your charcoal to your BBQ meat, for instance Birch Charcoal goes extremely well with grazing animals, such as lambs.

If you're getting a gift for someone is as crazy about barbecuing as we are, why not treat them to their very own BBQ Hamper. Inside is everything they'll ever need to put on the perfect BBQ feast for the entire Summer. In our standard BBQ Hamper you'll receive three BBQ Rubs, a Salt, Jam and Oil along with two bottles of Pip's Hot and BBQ Sauce.

This is also available in a spicy version for those who like a good chilli kick! However, if you're buying for the King of BBQ, then they need to get their hands on our Ultimate BBQ Hamper which contains every single BBQ Product in the Ross & Ross range, three bottles of Pip's Hot Sauce and a bottle of Beetroot Ketchup from The Foraging Fox.

Look out on social media for upcoming BBQ Recipes and how you can #enhanceyourBBQ! If you have a BBQ and create a really impressive BBQ dish, or use one of our products, make sure to use the hashtag #enhanceyourBBQ so we can see it for ourselves.