Top BBQ Cookbooks

As you all know BBQ season and is well and truly here (even if it has been raining)! We've been rooting through a ton of BBQ Cookbooks to find awesome recipes to share with everyone.

Everyone at Ross & Ross loves to barbecue and we've already been using the range of Rubs, Salts, Jams and Oils that we sell, and have had a go at the Ross & Ross recipes found on our website. We have a number of cookbooks in the office and have recently stocked our shelves with the best BBQ Cookbooks we could get our hands on, and we thought we'd share them with you.


The first book that we thought had extraordinary recipes, so good in fact that we find ourselves just staring for ages at the pictures of the finished dish, is Grillstock The BBQ Book by Jon Finch & Ben Merrington. Grillstock is one of the most popular BBQ festivals in the UK and attracts thousands of BBQ lovers every single year, and just keeps getting bigger. If you love BBQ and enjoying a big plate full of meat, you should maybe get a ticket for next year!

In the cookbook there are a selection of recipes ranging from Briskets, Sauces & Rubs, Burgers and Fixin's, plus many more. It was extremely hard to pick out one of our favourite recipes because all just sound incredible and we will all be trying out some of these recipes over the summer. However, we decided that one of our favourites that we think everyone should have a go out is DJ BBQ's Flank Steak. This recipe is a lot easier thank it sounds and anyone can achieve the same results that DJ BBQ tells you in this book. This is definitely the one recipe we will be trying this summer, and you should do too!


Another book that we've been flicking our way through is Grill Smoke BBQ by Ben Tish. Firstly, the photography in this book is unbelievable, and every single dish looks sensational! We couldn't just pick one recipe that stood out in this book, we had to try and whittle it down to three. The first thing that caught our eye was one of the Tapas & Small Plates dishes, the Hot-Smoked Butternut Squash with Ricotta and Grape Jam. Just wait until you see a picture of this! It's such a great idea for a Tapas dish as it is a small dish, but is full of amazing flavour combinations. We also liked the look of the Roasted and Grilled Pork Ribs with Quince Glaze which looks like a proper cliche BBQ dish, with the meat still on the bone and slathered in thick and sticky glaze. Serve on the bone and let your guests see for themselves how easily the meat comes off the bone. The final recipe that we thought would be perfect this summer is Hot Smoked Pork Belly with Cider, Apples and Marjoram. The sweetness of Apple matches beautifully with the traditional salty flavours from the Pork Belly to create a taste sensation! As you all know, we love cooking and curing Pork so we couldn't ignore how marvellous this dish looked.


Now onto the final, and possibly one of the absolute best, cookbooks ever written, Low and Slow: How to Cook Meat by Neil Rankin. Neil Rankin is one of the most popular chefs in Britain and both Ross' have followed his career and are obsessed with Rankin's recipes. Both Ross' aren't the only fans of Neil Rankin, Tom Kerridge commented in Rankin's book: "The first time I ate Neil's food, I was blown away." So obviously he is doing something right!

We looked through the whole book and we could've have honestly typed out every single recipe inside, but we knew that would probably make this the longest blog ever! Although it was really difficult, we have selected a couple recipes that we think everyone needs to try this summer. The Lamb Ribs recipe simply tells you what is the best way to cook Lamb Ribs, and how to achieve the traditional low and slow look and taste that every BBQ enthusiast aspires to. Rankin suggests that you use your favourite rub that is best suited for Lamb...why not use our very own Moroccan Rub for Lamb? If you would like to try out this rub with the Neil Rankin recipe simply follow the link: Moroccan Rub for Lamb. Not only did we find the best meat recipes, but also the perfect BBQ sauce recipe that will compliment every single BBQ dish you create this summer! This recipe for House BBQ Sauce and trust us when we say this is such an easy sauce to make, and you probably already have the ingredients sat in your cupboard.

If you want to get your hands on any of these books, follow any of the links below and you can buy them online:

Have we inspired you to try out some of these fantastic BBQ dishes yourself? Let us know in the comments if you tried any of these recipes out and how you got on. You can also post a picture of the dish you made and tag us @rossandrossgifts!

You can also check out our very own BBQ Recipes on our website, just follow the link: BBQ Recipes.

Have a great Summer!