Bonfire Night BBQ Ideas

Remember, Remember, R&R Gifts This Bonfire Night!

Bonfire Night is one of those nights in the year that we all look forward to - and why not? Chilly nights, crispy leaves, and the promise of sparkly fireworks are often enough to fire up any family looking to do something different. BBQs are not just for the summer, you know, and at RR Gifts, we're a massive fan of a Bonfire Night BBQ! To make sure that your Bonfire Night BBQ is a deliciously satisfying night, you need our help! Below, we've detailed some of the best Bonfire Night BBQ ideas to make it a scrummy occasion for all. Are you ready to be King or Queen of the BBQ? Excellent news, let's dive in!

BBQ Jams

Before you wrinkle your nose at the idea of pairing jam with a Bonfire Night BBQ, let us explain. If you have applesauce with your pork roast or cranberry sauce with your turkey, then you'll be a fan of our BBQ Jams, we're sure of it. They're designed to be either a glaze or a condiment, depending on how you like your jam. Our incredible chilli flavours are the best compliment to some of the meats you lay on the fire. We have our BBQ jams made by the Warwickshire Chilli Tree based in Stratford-upon-Avon. Our website is packed with recipes, or you can just slather them on - either way, you'll be drooling!

BBQ Salts

If you're not a fan of jams on your meat, why not look at the way you're seasoning them this year? Our BBQ Salts are blends of flavoured salts, and they're going to enhance your BBQ experience. All you need to know is about the basics of seasoning meats, and we have worked hard to create that "meaty BBQ" flavour that sets the night off! Our Salts have won 2 stars in the 2017 Great Taste Awards, and you can use them on meats and grilled Halloumi, too! You don't have to choose the spicy options if you don't want to, but we totally recommend these as a way to enhance your meat this year.

BBQ Oils

When you are the host of a Bonfire Night BBQ, you want to impress the guests with everything you know about making meat taste amazing. Cooking with the right oils will help you do that, and we've experimented with all kinds of oils for BBQs to come up with our range. The Cotswold rapeseed oil has always been our winner, and that's because of the high burn point enabling it to withstand those high BBQ temperatures - without burning! Our oils range is more than just straight oil that you chuck onto your meat: there are some fabulous flavours available, including our beech-smoked rapeseed oil, which is smoked for 18 hours at a time. The distinct flavour will change the game for your Bonfire Night BBQ this year!

BBQ Rubs

With some meats, a dry rub is an ultimate compliment for flavour. Our rubs are designed purely to make your meats smell and taste delicious - and they're way better than the regular rubs you buy in the supermarket. Add an extra layer of deliciousness this year to your Bonfire Night BBQ - you won't regret it!

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