How to plan a Father's Day BBQ for 2021

We've got used to celebrating a bit differently lately and this Father's Day is no exception. We're being encouraged to meet up outdoors wherever possible, so a Father's Day BBQ for 2021 is a perfect way to bring the generations together for some good food and great times. We can't guarantee sunshine this year, but we can ensure that your food will be unforgettable at your Father's Day BBQ 2021, thanks to our range of top BBQ products.

Preparing for your Father's Day BBQ

A lot of the hard work for a successful barbecue begins before the big day. The first step is planning your menu. We're prone to getting over-excited with elaborate spreads, but it can be better just to settle on a few great dishes that are easy to execute. When deciding how much to cook, we really like the BBQ calculator for working out quite how much food we'll need.

Vegetarians and vegans love great grilled food, and we have some amazing veggie BBQ recipes to get you started. It's worth asking ahead of time if any of your guests have specific dietary requirements for you to consider while menu planning. We stock an exciting range of veggie rubs that were designed with veg in mind, perfect for your Father's Day BBQ 2021.

We've studied grill masters from all over the world while developing our trademark BBQ seasonings, and we've learned that great flavour develops over time. Seasoning your meat at least 24 hours before cooking allows the flavours to really shine. Our range of dry rubs is specifically designed to pair and complement each meat. We wanted to create a range of dry rubs to enhance specific meats and give the user a better experience rather than grabbing a generic blend.

It's more than just food...

If your BBQ hasn't seen daylight since 2020, it might be worth pulling it out and checking everything is working - and that you remembered to clean it before putting it away! And depending on whether you're using gas or charcoal, make sure that you stock up on supplies before they disappear from shops as soon as the sun comes out. Finally, make sure you're all set for plates, cutlery, napkins, and utensils - you can't send Dad out for extras on the day.

Don’t forget the drinks. Unless you are asking guests to bring their own drink, provide a wide selection for guests and make room in your fridge to keep everything chilled. Ensure there is enough choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for all, and a good tip is to keep bottles of squash or cartons of juice handy, in case soft drinks for kids run out.

Make sure that your garden is set up for outdoor dining, and try to have a backup plan if the heavens open!

Don't forget the gifts for Dad!

We're sure we don't have to remind you, but don't forget to pick up a present for Dad at the Father's Day BBQ. We have an extensive range of unique Father's Day foodie gifts that are sure to delight, whether your Dad is King of the Grill or prefers to kick back with some top-tier snacks in front of the TV.