Create your favourite comfort foods with a brand new twist

Nothing hits the spot like your favourite comfort foods - find out how to make familiar meals extra special.

What is comfort food?

There's no official definition of comfort foods, but the phrase originally popped up in the 60s and has come to describe nostalgic foods from our childhood, often simply prepared, dense in carbohydrates and delightfully filling. Different countries and cuisines have their own comfort foods. Spanish people might crave chocolate con churros - fried doughnuts with a rich chocolate sauce - whereas someone from the Philippines might have a hankering for arroz caldo - a savoury rice porridge that's often served when someone is ill.

Here in the UK, a survey was commissioned by cakemakers Jack and Beyond that saw cheesy pasta named the UK's top comfort food, followed by a pizza, a roast dinner and a curry. The full top 20 definitely revealed some controversial surprises: how did the mighty bacon sandwich only make it to number 14? Whatever your favourite, we can help you add something special to your next comfort food treat.

The mighty roast dinner, reimagined

The French have referred to Brits as rostbifs since the 18th-century thanks to our love for a traditional roast beef dinner, and we're still mad about our Sunday roasts today. Everyone has their own favourite combo, but the meal traditionally consists of a roasted joint of meat, potatoes, a selection of vegetables and a generous topping of sauces and gravy. Beef, lamb, chicken, pork or a delicious nut roast, we just can't get enough.

We have a whole section of our shop dedicated to the great British roast dinner, containing our favourite artisan goodies to supercharge your Sunday dinner. Not sure where to begin?

Use Roast Potato Oil for the ultimate crispy fluffy spuds.

Our local Cotswold rapeseed oil produces the perfect golden roastie, and we've infused this liquid gold with smoke, garlic and rosemary for extra flavour.

Rub your meat up the right way

We've got Roast Chicken Rub and Roast Beef Rub to infuse your roast with extra flavours. There's also our Roast Turkey Rub, perfect for Christmas.

Don't forget a bit on the side

Leftovers are an integral part of the roast dinner experience. We won't judge anyone for what they shovel between two slices of bread for a moreish snack the next day, but a generous spread of our Smoked Apple Chutney brings it all together.

Take away a homemade curry

Chicken tikka masala took the top spot for Britain's favourite takeaway dish, and curry has found its way into the hearts (and bellies) of Brits across the nation. The temptation to order from your favourite takeaway can be huge, but we've got a few tricks up our sleeves for an amazing curry in your own kitchen.

Veggie Rub No. 1 is a unique blend of tandoori spices. It can be used for roasting your favourite veggies or making a base for a curry. Our Tandoori Rub for Chicken actually works brilliantly with most meats and veggies, especially if you're firing up the BBQ.