Ross & Ross Gifts win highest number of stars in the Great Taste Awards 2022

We've only gone and won the highest number of stars for two of our products!

Ross & Ross Gifts are pleased to announce that we have been awarded 3 out 3 stars for two of our products in the Great Taste Awards 2022. Winning 3 stars for one of our products is a first for us, but winning 3 stars for two, is truly incredible news! 

We have been involved in the Great Taste Awards, organised by the Guild of Fine Food, since 2012 when we were producing Pâté and Terrines. Over that period we have won 13 stars in total for 9 of our products. After the results of these awards, our total stars now collate to 19 stars for 11 of our gifts & grocery products. You can find more of our awards here

Why is winning a Great Taste Award something to shout about?

"Great Taste is the world's largest and most trusted food and drink accreditation scheme". Less than 2% of products entered receive Three Gold Stars and we have been awarded three for two of our products, this year!

To find out more information on the Great Taste Awards please click here

Speaking on the success of his two award-winning salts, Ross Bearman, Founder of Ross & Ross Gifts said:

"To have our products recognised by the Guild of Fine Food is a huge accolade and we just want to take this opportunity to thank all of our incredible suppliers who help us create these award-winning products and foodie gifts". 

"As soon as I smelt and tasted the Ají Limón chillies I knew we were onto a winner. We actually had samples from other chilli sellers coming from Peru and Zimbabwe and the difference was just incredible. They were dull and lacked any real zing whereas ours were just next level. We can't wait to harvest more in October and create another run of these limited edition, Great Taste Award-winning salts". 

What products did we win an award for?

This year we entered three distinct salt products that Ross, our Founder created, after being inspired by the flavours he tasted in the Ají Limón samples, he was sent by one of our suppliers, Oxfordshire Chilli Garden

First, the Lemon Drop & Chipotle Chilli Salt which is a blend of the finest Anglesey sea salt paired with English grown chillies. Spicy, citrus burst from Ají Limón chilli and a unique smokiness from the Chipotles. The ripe jalapeños are dried and smoked over local cherry wood to give a deep smoky depth. 
The Judges Comments: 

A very pretty and vibrant salt with flecks from all of the ingredients. They are all evenly sized, perfect for culinary use. The nose is enticing and smoke filled...and the flavour - wow! Just WOW! The heat rises and falls, offering layer upon layer of spice, heat and fruitiness. The salt flakes are not only beautiful but perfectly sized and full of minerality. Smooth and not bitter at all. The blend of different chillies is harmonious - they all work together offering up their own integral authenticity. We think this is tremendous and it is obvious that so much thought has gone into the process of developing it.

"Vibrant specks of chilli and golden salt. All aspects of the ingredients are tasted and we felt that it was very much like a party in the mouth. Even though the heat was dialled up we felt it was a balanced and sophisticated mix"

"This is an attractive product, with good colour and aroma. We enjoyed the combination of flavours and the fact we could detect all the different components. It gives an enjoyable lasting heat"

"A vibrant mix of ingredients and well proportioned. Markedly smoky on the nose. it has the boldest of flavours, the salt stands up well to the onslaught of smoke and heat that builds and develops. The smoke appears to have its own identity and the chilli displays fruity notes before the heat kicks in. No shrinking violet, this spice blend is bold and beautiful"

"Wow - this certainly packs a punch. What a fabulous ingredient to have at one's finger tips. We loved the smoke, the variety of chilli flavours and the fact that the salt was still rounded and apparent despite the feisty partners. Brilliant"

Lemon Drop & Chipotle Chilli Salt


The second award-winning salt is the Lemon Drop Chilli, Garlic & Thyme Salt - this uses the same sea salt from Anglesey paired with English grown chillies. It includes the spicy, citrus burst from the Ají Limón chilli plus background notes of garlic and lemon thyme. 

The Judges Comments:

"This is very clever. A salt that keeps on giving and the layers of flavour open up like flower petals - a continued development on the palate. The salt is beautifully clean, the chilli is well balanced and offers up fruity heat - which is quite intense, yet not at a level where you weep! The lemon thyme threads through and the garlic is on the finish. However, saying that - every time we tried more, the different ingredients highlighted at different times. This is an absolute stunner. And a delight to judge"

"An attractive salt that really packs a punch. We enjoyed the crisp salt crystals that delivered on every level, with all of the components working together, thyme, lemon and spice. Delicious"

"A wonderful yellow hue to the salt from the Ají Limón chilli with notes of the fruit of the chilli and some citrus and garlic behind. The initial flavour hit is of the clean sea salt and citrus lemon and fruit and thyme and then of the chilli.... a few seconds before the fireworks begin. The heat builds and builds and then leaves, without your having to jump into a cold bath to cool off"

"Very appealing looking coloured salt with generous flecks notes. What a brilliant concept - so clever! The powerful chilli hit blended so well with the subtle yet evident notes of garlic and thyme. The salt had a melting crunch. Versatile and wonderful"



Where and when can i buy these products? 

Due to the quality of the English grown chillies, these salt products are our most exclusive and limited edition product we offer. We source these fantastic chillies from Oxfordshire Chilli Garden, which is based just a few miles away from our office. 

We place our order with the chilli supplier in January and Oxfordshire Chilli Garden plant the chillies and they are harvested in October. We have a very limited supply of these salts and we are waiting for the harvest towards the end of the year, where we will have more stock and you will therefore be able to get your hands on these incredible salts. 

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