Royal Mail delivery updates

Royal Mail delivery update

As the strikes continue and usual services are disrupted, we are getting an increasing of customers asking for updates with their orders. This is understandable but we wanted to update from our end to help explain the current situation.

How the delivery process works

When we send your order, we print the despatch label where the tracking starts and you will receive an email stating we have despatched it and you will get the tracking number. This tracking number is the only information we get so is the same as you have. It is collected by Royal Mail and then when it gets scanned at the Royal Mail sorting facility out for delivery the tracking gets updated.

Currently a huge amount of orders are just stuck at the sorting facility and we are all waiting for them to scan and get things moving. If you are getting this message on your tracking…


Item despatched to Royal Mail

This item is on its way to Royal Mail.

The sender has advised they've despatched your item to us.

The sender has advised us they're preparing your item. More information will be available when we receive it.


… then it has left us, been collected, has been received and we are all now waiting for Royal Mail to scan their end when it goes out for delivery.

To be clear, we have despatched it and now in the hands of Royal Mail to update the tracking. There is a massive backlog which we are being told is being cleared.

We truly wish there was more information we could give you but we really do only have the information that is on the same tracking links you get yourselves.

If there was anything further we could do to speed up Royal Mail to deliver to you quicker we truly would but please do bear them.


Ross Bearman