The Great British BBQ Roast Dinner

Yes, you read that right! We're in the middle of a heatwave and it's far too hot to put the oven on. Bearing this in mind, it's time for the Great British BBQ Roast Dinner.

You read that right - the BBQ is not just for burgers and bangers anymore. We've quizzed some of our favourite BBQ enthusiasts and come up with a way to create the perfect BBQ roast dinner in your back garden. No hot stove required! If you fancy something a bit different this Sunday, this showstopper is the perfect summertime spread for friends and family.

The main event

We've chosen a chicken for the centrepiece of our BBQ roast dinner. By cooking it on a rotisserie over the hot coals, you'll get a crisp crackling seasoned skin and sweet tender meat. Choosing a good quality chicken can make all the difference with this recipe, so look for one that's been ethically raised and slow grown.

The night before you want to serve up your BBQ roast dinner, take your chicken and massage it generously with our Roast Chicken Rub. Pop it back in the fridge overnight to let the rich flavours of herbs and spices infuse the meat. Allow your chicken to come back to room temperature before you begin your cooking. We cooked our chicken on a rotisserie over a hardwood blend from the Oxford Charcoal Company, keeping the coals topped up throughout, and mesquite wood chips previously soaked in water. Our chicken cooked for 1.5 hours, adjusting the height of the rotisserie depending on cooking speeds. Used a temperature probe at the thickest part of the chicken's thigh to ensure that it is entirely cooked.

A bit on the side

We haven't come up with a BBQ-friendly way to enjoy brussels sprouts just yet - we recommend parboiling them and finishing them in a pan with butter and a generous seasoning of Brussel Sprout Dust - but you can cook your roast potatoes on the BBQ as well! Begin by parboiling your potatoes - new potatoes stand up well to the barbecue, but whatever variety you fancy will be fine - and combining them with our Roast Potato Oil or BBQ Oil and a generous pinch of sea salt. Place an enamel dish in the coals 30 minutes into the chicken cooking and add the potatoes. They'll gain extra flavour from the delicious chicken juices that'll drip down onto them. We'll understand if you don't want to put the oven on for any more veg, so why not serve up a great big salad al fresco and enjoy the ultimate BBQ roast dinner.