Our best Valentines gifts for him this year

Socks, novelty ties, cringeworthy mugs... or bacon? Dump the junk and pick up the best foodie gifts for men this Valentines Day.

We'll forgive you for not celebrating Valentines Day because you think it has become too commercial. After all, the aisles of supermarkets are already packed with singing teddy bears, boxes of chocolates with hugely inflated price tags and all manner of gaudy mugs declaring their owners 'The World's Greatest Lover'. And no matter how much we may think this about our partners, we know full well that they don't want any of this tat. So when 14 February rolls around, why not give the man (or woman!) in your life a gift they'll really love? Ross and Ross has a great selection of foodie gifts that are perfect for Valentines Day.

The Homemade Curing Collection

If your beloved is a committed foodie, you know that they appreciate artisan ingredients. And what could be more authentic than producing their own cured meats and fish at home? It all started with our Bacon Curing Kit, and since then we've added a spicy variation and a brilliant new salmon curing kit as well. They're the perfect gift for foodies, and as a display of their affection, they'll hopefully share the spoils with you! Curing is any of various food preservation and flavouring processes used on meats and fish, by the addition of combinations of, salts, nitrates, nitrites or sugar. The aim is to draw the moisture out of the meat by the process of osmosis. Although it sounds complicated, it really isn’t! The process is so simple and only takes 7 steps. The whole process takes 3-7 days and your Kit comes with an easy to read instructions booklet for you to follow.

Get ready for BBQ season

While the British climate doesn't necessarily lend itself to mid-February BBQs, there's no harm in being prepared, is there? Our British BBQ Box contains a selection of our exclusively-blended seasonings to take your alfresco cookery to the next level. You'll get:

1x Original BBQ Oil 250ml

1x BBQ Rub for Pork 50g

1x Smoky Chipotle BBQ Jam 110g

1x Original BBQ Salt 50g

And if the weather doesn't cooperate, you can use all of these products in the kitchen as well!