6 tasty vegan Christmas menu ideas to wow your guests

It's Christmas, your guests are starving and we'll help you to get a smashing vegan Christmas menu on the table before the Queen's speech.

Putting together a vegan Christmas menu can be difficult, especially if you're used to having a large piece of meat as the centrepiece to the celebrations. Don't despair though, as we've sat down with our team of experts and formulated some great ideas for what to do if you'll be serving up a plant-based spread this festive season, with a little help from our range of vegetarian products.
  1. Don't skimp on your favourites

Many of our festive favourites are already vegan! We look forward to a mountain of perfect roast potatoes every year, courtesy of our flavourful Roast Potato Oil. We seem to be divided on the issue of Brussels sprouts, but everyone agrees that they take on a new magical edge when sprinkled with our Brussels sprout dust.

2. Choose a new centrepiece dish

When you choose a vegan main course for your Christmas dinner, you open up a whole world of possibilities. You might choose to have a single spectacular main, and if so, we highly recommend our Squash and Cranberry Christmas Wreath - golden shortcrust pastry filled with squash, onion, chestnuts, quinoa and cranberries. Alternatively, you could offer a bigger selection of your favourite veggie sides, such as our Roasted Maple Hasselback Squash with Crispy Sage and Pecans.

3. Be aware of hidden dairy

Although producers are becoming more aware of different diets, it's important to read the labels. Look for products that are labelled vegan, and if they're not, here's a handy guide to identifying animal products with obscure names that might have crept in. This is especially important if any of your diners have allergies. Supermarkets, in particular, are taking vegan diets seriously now so there are new plant-based products becoming available all the time!

4. You'll need gravy

We've looked far and wide and we think that Jamie Oliver may have cracked the perfect vegan gravy recipe. It utilises the rich savoury flavours of mushrooms and adds a dollop of sweetness with some blackcurrant jam. The secret ingredient? Marmite!

5. Don't forget dessert!

There are lots of great dairy-free puddings available now. For a breathtaking centrepiece to your celebrations, why not try an egg-free pavlova? Many supermarkets and delis are now producing vegan Christmas puddings and mince pies as well.

6. A great opportunity to break from tradition

Who says that you need to have a roast dinner for your vegan Christmas menu? The possibilities are truly endless. We quite fancy the idea of taking inspiration from far-flung lands. How about a spectacular Indian banquet? Our Veggie Rub No 1 is the perfect blend of tandoori flavours and can transform your vegetables with an authentic Indian flair. You can also add a deep, smoky spiciness to your curries and dhals with the help of Veggie Rub No 4.