Delicious Vegetarian Sunday Roast Ideas by Ross & Ross

We're looking at how you can make an epic vegetarian roast dinner that'll please the whole family this Sunday.

 It's not Sunday without a proper roast dinner, and sadly our plant-based friends and family don't always get the vegetarian Sunday roast dinner that they deserve. With more people than ever eschewing meat in favour of a vegetarian or vegan diet, it's time for Sunday lunch to catch up. We've recently launched an exciting range of veggie rubs to spice up your vegetables, alongside our popular roast potato oil to give a new dimension to your Sunday dinner.

Great veggie recipes are cropping up everywhere, and we're addicted to Jamie Oliver's new series focusing on vegetarian recipes. He's got some brilliant ideas for vegetarian roast dinners, including a delicious looking vegetarian nut roast with blue cheese. Even though Jamie is well known for his meatier offerings, he's really embracing a greener plate.

In the past, vegetarian main courses have been fairly terrible. With much of British cuisine focussed on meat and two vegetables, the meat was taken away and replaced with sad, dry frozen lumps that nobody enjoyed. But that doesn't need to be the case! If you're catering for vegetarians and meat-eaters in the same meal, most of the side orders will remain the same. You can pop some veggie sausages in as an alternative to the chipolatas and beware of added dairy products if your guests are vegan.

While some vegetarians might be happy to just have extra sides - and who wouldn't if the roast potatoes are on point? - it's good to have an alternative main course available. We love to roast autumnal pumpkin and squash with Veggie Rub No. 2 to bring out all the sweet and umami flavours. If you're looking for an impressive centrepiece to your celebrations, you can't go too far wrong with a whole roasted cauliflower. We think that tandoori spices and the perfect match to cauliflower. Use your favourite blend or try ours - we've put together our perfect blend of Indian spices in Veggie Rub No. 1. Mix it into some natural yoghurt, coat the whole head of cauliflower generously and roast until charred and delicious.

If you've got doubters in your flock, spruce up your sprouts with our Brussels sprout dust to ensure clean plates all round. We've published a number of vegetarian and vegan recipes, any of which is sure to please the Sunday crowd. Why not try:

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