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Classic Roast Chicken Recipe

Roasting a whole chicken is surprisingly easy to do, and the leftovers are great in a salad or sandwich the next day! Make sure to enhance your Roast Dinner and get your Roast Chicken right with this easy recipe.  


Prep Time

Cook Time

6 10 mins 90 mins


  • 1.8kg British Free Range Chicken
  • Ross & Ross Roast Chicken Rub
  • Rub butter (1 pack butter, 1 tbsp rub mix, rolled & frozen)
  • Oil (British Rapeseed)
  • Sea Salt


  1. Place discs of rub butter under skin
  2. Rub chicken with rub and leave in the fridge overnight
  3. Take out one hour before cooking. Season cavity
  4. Pre heat oven to 220◦c (fan)
  5. Rub with oil and season with sea salt
  6. Cook for 25 mins, take out, baste, wrap tray in foil
  7. Reduce oven to 170◦c (fan) and cook for approx 1 hour
  8. Pierce leg to check juices run clear
  9. Rest in warm place for at least 30 mins
  10. Slice, season to taste. Serve


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