Our Top 3 Pie Recipes

Who doesn't just love a good ole fashioned pie? You can only imagine just how many combinations of pie recipes are out there- so we have collated our top 3 favourite pie recipes that we think you will love.

Chicken, Bacon & Mushroom Slab by Olive Magazine

You can't go wrong with a Chicken & Mushroom Pie! This pie features chicken thighs, chestnut mushrooms and streaky bacon. The pie takes 2 hours, including preparation and cooking. You could even elevate the pie by actually curing your own bacon! It really is so simple... Check out how you could cure your own bacon, in the comfort of your own home. So, let's get cooking! Click here for the most delicious Chicken pie recipe we could find and have fun cooking.

Cheesy Sausage & Mash Pie by Delicious Magazine

Cheesy... that is always going to sound delicious, no matter what the recipe is! This sausage & mash pie is flavoured with meaty sausage, onion, marmite and topped off with cheesy mash. This is going on the weekly meal list to try! If you like the sound of this, then click here to take you straight to the recipe and get cooking. We would also like to recommend a method of making the best mash potato to incorporate with this pie. Our Roast Potato Oil has been created with the purpose of being perfect for potatoes because of it's extremely high smoke point. Check out the oil here.

Squash & Chorizo Pot Pies by BBC Good Food

The great thing about pot pies is that they are smaller and easy to make! If there is just the two of you, then you can make a bunch and freeze them! These Squash & Chorizo Pot Pies are packed with spicy sausage and butternut squash, then topped with a ready-rolled puff pastry lid. If you are ready to get cooking, then click here for the recipe.