5 Essential Christmas Dinner Ingredients

To help you get prepared for the big day, here is our top 5 essential ingredients that you need to have at hand. Make sure that you have all you need to make that traditional Christmas Dinner extra special this year!

1. Roast Ham Glaze

This Glaze is perfect for adding a glorious Sweet & Spicy flavour to your Roast ham. The hot chilli flavours are balanced out with the sweetness of pineapple and peppers which will blow dinner guests away! 

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2. Roast Potato Oil

Winner of the Food Product of the Year in the Cotswold Life Food & Drink Awards 2019 The Roast Potato Oil is made from local Cotswold Rapeseed Oil infused with a delicious infusion of Smoke, Rosemary and Garlic. These ‘roasties’ will be the talk of Sunday! It is an excellent way to give some delicious flavours to sometimes ‘dull roasties’. This oil has a really high smoke point so you can get it really hot and that means really crispy Roast Potatoes. We have infused this glorious oil with background notes of Rosemary, Smoke and Garlic. 

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3. Veggie Rub No.2

A fragrant Umami seasoning to lift all parts of your roast dinner! This dry rub is extremely versatile, veggie & vegan-friendly!

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4. Pigs in Blanket Dust

The Sweet & Spicy Pigs in Blankets Dust is incredibly easy to use and is perfect to perk up those Pigs and create the tastiest Christmas Roast ever! 

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5. Brussels Sprout Dust

Our Brussels Sprout Dust is a unique rub to give some fantastic flavour to those sprouts that no one eats! The rub is easy to use and tastes amazing.

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