The best foodie Christmas gifts for 2021

We've rounded up some exciting new foodie Christmas gifts for your loved ones that are hoping for something tasty under the Christmas tree.

Alas, the dreaded C word. But the big day seems to come running towards us as soon as there's a chill in the air, and we've got a whole host of brand new festive gifts for you this year. We're still focused on bringing you the finest artisanal culinary treats from our local area, combining some new favourites with our returning classics. Whether you're a dedicated R&R shopper or this is your first visit, we're sure you'll find something that you'll love. You can view our entire Christmas range here.

The perfect stocking stuffer: Christmas Roast Seasonings Tube

Looking for something special for this year's chosen Christmas cook? This Christmas Roast Seasonings Tube includes our customers favourite roast seasonings from our roast dinner range – Roast Turkey Rub, Pigs in Blankets Dust and Brussels Sprout Dust. These added extras are perfect for bringing something special to the main event or being squirrelled away to make the most of your roasts in 2022.

For the adventurous chef who needs a new challenge: The Homemade Curing Tube...Ham

Our customers have loved curing their own bacon and salmon at home, so much so that we've decided to expand the range to another festive favourite - ham. A glistening, clove-studded piece of ham is an iconic part of the festive feast and the star of the Boxing Day leftover sandwich, and made all the more special when you cure it yourself. This is also the perfect treat to give yourself in the run-up to the big day if you really want to wow your guests.

The tube includes a Christmas curing mix, our Roast Ham Glaze and an easy-to-follow instructions booklet.

For leftover lovers everywhere: Luxury Christmas Condiments Tube

We put a lot of pressure on Christmas dinner, but if we're honest, much of the festive season is spent eating. Whether it's a cheeky mince pie every time the kettle goes on or an expertly stacked festive sandwich on Christmas night, we enjoy festive fare throughout the season. We created the Luxury Christmas Condiments Tube to bring something special to your leftovers this year.

The Truffle Mayonnaise, made with extra virgin cold-pressed rapeseed oil, is perfect for sandwiches, dips and dressings. We've been dipping our roasties in it! 

The Roast Ham Glaze is the ideal dipping sauce for cheese and meat, as well as giving a beautifully sweet and spicy finish to roasted meats.

The Smoked Apple Chutney is crafted from hand-picked British apples, chunky dates, sweet sultanas and tangy cider vinegar. You'll be pulling it out for sandwiches, buffets and cheeseboards all through December.

For the host with the most: Christmas Pantry Essentials Hamper

This one is a real showstopper - the Christmas Pantry Essentials Hamper restocks the cupboards with all of the R&R essentials for the festive season. It's the perfect way to fill up your own pantry in anticipation of Christmas feasting or would make a wonderful gift for someone else who'll be spending time in the kitchen over the festive season.

The hamper includes Truffle Mayonnaise, Spiced Cranberry Sauce, Smoked Apple Chutney, Truffle Oil, Brussels Sprout Ketchup, Roast Potato Oil, Lemon Mayonnaise and Roast Dinner Dust.