BBQ Cajun Salmon

A great way to cook a bigger piece of salmon for your family or dinner party. Smoky, zingy and spicy salmon cooked gently for a succulent texture.

Prep Time: 5 mins plus 2 hours in fridge to marinate

Cook Time: 15 mins

Serves: 6



  1. Rub salmon with the Cajun rub to give a light coating
  2. Grate lemon zest all over salmon (keep lemons for later) and leave in the fridge for two hours to marinate
  3. Remove from fridge 30 mins before cooking and lightly season with salt
  4. Light the BBQ. You will be cooking indirect away from the charcoal. The addition of wood chips would be great with this. We used Alder. Or preheat oven to 140◦c
  5. Place on the BBQ (we used cross grates) and cook away from the heat of the charcoal for about 15 mins. Ideally with the lid closed. It is ready when it starts to flake away from the skin but is still really moist. The oven should take the same time.
  6. Cut the whole reserved lemons and place over the charcoal to caramelise
  7. Squeeze lemons over the salmon and serve immediately


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