Our Top 3 Waffle Recipes

Want to know how to make the best homemade waffles? Want to know what you can cook with them? Then you're in the right place. In this roundup post, we're going to feature our top 3 favourite waffle recipes!

How To Make Waffles

Before we look at the best waffle recipes, let's start with the basics and the two most common ways of making them: as Belgium Waffles or Buttermilk Waffles.

True Belgium Waffles Recipe

Belgian waffles tend to be larger in size and much thicker compared to regular or American style waffles. Pure Belgian waffles also use yeast or egg whites in its batter while the regular buttermilk waffles consist more of baking powder.

This Homemade Belgian Waffles recipe is incredibly easy and makes delicious, authentic, Belgian waffles in just eight simple steps! These waffles are perfectly crisp and golden on the outside while being light and fluffy on the inside. It's perfect for any beginner waffle-makers! 

Buttermilk Waffles Recipe

Then we have our Buttermilk Waffles! Now luckily, they're actually easier to make than you may think. Created, again, in just seven simple steps - they’re an impressive and delicious homemade breakfast treat that will wow anyone lucky enough to pull up a chair and dive in. They're light, crispy around the edges, soft and fluffy in the centre, with subtle yet delicious flavours in every bite!


Our Top Three Favourite Waffle Recipes

So now we've ran through the essentials, let's look at some of the best waffle recipes to get you inspired on International Waffle Day!  

1. Haloumi and Zucchini Waffles with Smoked Salmon and Eggs

So first up, we have Haloumi and Zucchini Waffles, complemented perfectly with Smoked Salmon and eggs. These savoury waffles will have you looking forward to the weekend that much more. They're light, fresh and tasty - especially when you cure your own salmon to go with it. Click here to see how to give that a go. 


2) Bacon and Parmesan Waffles With Maple Syrup

If you’re one of those people who can never choose between sweet and savoury for breakfast, this waffle recipe is for you. See, homemade waffles become an extravagant brunch when they are topped with thick-cut bacon and Parmesan. A drizzle of maple syrup to finish gives the dish a complex combo of sweet and salty flavors. To make it extra tasty, we recommend putting this with your own homemade bacon. It's super easy to cure, is far healthier and tastes amazing! Click here for how to do it.

For a twist you can also use our Maple & Chipotle cure. Or, use some Smoked Sugar in the waffle mix to replace standard sugar, from our friends over at Halen Mon. 


3) Banoffee Ice Cream Waffle Sandwiches

Last but not least, we want to round up our best waffle recipes with a sweet show-stopped - Banoffee Ice Cream Waffle Sandwiches! It's a cookie dough waffle sandwiched with banoffee cheesecake. Take a lazy Sunday breakfast and pair it with rich banoffee tart, and voila: The banoffle is born.


So there we have it! Some truly great and unique waffle recipes for you to try. What a better way to start the day than with some delicious waffles?

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