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Moroccan Spice BBQ Lamb Shoulder

A great way to cook a whole joint of lamb for your family or dinner party. Slowly cooked with fragrant middle east spices, creating slow pulling lamb with crispy edges.

Prep time: 5 mins

Cook time: 5 hours (includes 30 mins resting). Plus overnight marinating

Serves: 6-8

Serve with: Grilled flatbreads and Salsa Verde   




  1. Rub lamb with Moroccan rub and leave in the fridge overnight
  2. Take the meat out of the fridge at least 30 - 60 mins before cooking to come to room temperature. Season all over with sea salt
  3. Light BBQ using British charcoal
  4. Once lit, place the grates directly over the charcoal to heat.
  5. Drizzle lamb with BBQ Oil
  6. Place over the hot coals and cook for around five minutes each side until they have a nice colour
  7. Add some soaked wood to the coal if you like. Use something light and not very much of it. We have used oak and cherry. Half a chunk of each.
  8. Then move the lamb away from the direct heat to cook indirectly for two hours. Aiming to cook at around 150c. Lid closed
  9. Have a foil tray underneath to catch some of the juices
  10. Top up charcoal to keep the temperature up
  11. After two hours, place the lamb in the foil drip tray, add in some water, the mint and garlic. Baste all over then wrap the whole thing tightly in foil.
  12. Cook for two more hours or until the bone can easily be removed
  13. Add more charcoal to get the heat up
  14. Remove the lamb from the foil tray (reserve for later with the juices) and place directly over the hot coal to crisp up the skin and outside
  15. Once crisp, place back in the foil tray to rest for around 30 minutes.
  16. Then shred all of the lamb and mix with the juices
  17. Season if needed and serve.
Let us know how you get on! We'd love to see your pictures and comments on social media.


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