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Top Gin Recipes

It is World Gin Day and we couldn't be more excited! At Ross & Ross Gifts, Gin plays a big part in our business in both our food gifts and catering. We work very closely with The Cotswolds Distillery and use their award-winning Cotswolds Dry Gin for various things.

I was so excited at the thought that there was an entire day dedicated to Gin, that I wanted to expand my knowledge on Gin. I looked on the internet to see if there were any interesting facts and it turns out there are few things I didn't know about Gin.

For instance, did you know that London Dry Gin doesn’t need to be made in London – instead, it is a broad style guideline rather than a legal indicator.

It turns out that Gin is also good for you...technically. Gin is packed with antioxidants that work to keep your skin fresh, dewy, and youthful. You may be encouraging cellular restoration and overall skin restoration.

More Gin drinking will need to be done to see if this is true or not!

The Cotswolds Distillery was founded in 2014 by Daniel Szor who regularly visited the Cotswolds and fell in love with the beauty the countryside had to offer. Daniel is a true whisky lover, and one day realised what the Cotswolds had to offer in terms of distilling. Then began The Cotswolds Distillery. The Cotswolds Dry Gin is their staple product and what they are most renowned for. In fact, the Cotswolds Dry Gin has won numerous awards including Best London Dry Gin in the World Gin Awards! 

Ross & Ross Gifts have worked closely with The Cotswolds Distillery to create the Cotswolds Gin Cure in our Homemade Curing Kit...Salmon. We have blended the botanicals that are found in the original Cotswolds Dry Gin with traditional curing salts which add an extra dimension of flavour to the Salmon you're curing. The smell of the cure is enticing to all our customers at the retail shows we appear at, and is our most popular cure due to the complex flavours. We also have our Cotswolds Dry Gin and Homemade Curing Kit...Salmon Kit. The perfect gift for any gin lover!

Our Events Team and Chefs cater for many events throughout the year, and we always ensure we have a few bottles of Cotswolds Dry Gin at the bar. This is the most requested gin at all our events, and people are always stunned by the smoothness and the flavours which are blended in the Gin.

The Cotswolds Dry Gin is perfect for making Gin based cocktails, especially in the Summer where you can include various Summer fruits to use as garnish. Here is an easy and delicious Cotswolds Dry Gin cocktail for everyone to try at home:

Cotswolds 75

  1. Stir the Cotswolds Dry Gin, Lemon Juice and Simple Syrup together in a shaker full of ice.
  2. Pour into a Large Coupe Glass
  3. Top with the Three Choirs English Sparkling Wine
  4. Garnish with a dehydrated Lemon

Another Gin everyone on the Ross & Ross team loves is Garden Tiger Gin made by Capreolus Distillery. The word ‘Capreolus’ comes from the Latin name of the type of deer, Capreolus Capreolus. This animal can be seen picking at the countryside around the distillery. Additionally, the name for their Gin, ‘Garden Tiger’, comes from the name of the moth which is evident on their labelling.

Garden Tiger Gin has been blended with 34 botanicals, a secret recipe which tends to vary depending on weather and how the different seasons effect the home-grown ingredients. The fruits that are a part of the recipe are only used when the quality reaches the highest level, for example only collecting the fruit at a certain time when the plant and fruit is at its best. The attention to detail at the distillery is so key that every ingredient is inspected by hand and they only use ingredients cultivated, wild or grown in their gardens.

We wanted to create a Gin Based cocktail with the Garden Tiger Gin, but didn't want to over complicate it and lose the strong flavours that are evident in this drink. This cocktail recipe is for a simple Gin and Tonic and our own spin of the Capreolus Distillery's 'GT&T': 


  1. Pour the Garden Tiger Gin into the Gin Bowl Glass.
  2. Top off with the Tonic Water.
  3. Add Dehydrated Orange, Juniper Berries and Green Cardamom Pods for garnish.

If you end up making these World Gin Day inspired cocktails at home, make sure you tag us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #worldginday.

Are you a big fan of Gin? Let us know if you tried out these cocktails and what you thought of them. Why not share with us your own Gin cocktail recipes?



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