Top 5 BBQ Recipes

Summer is finally here! Everyone's ready to start barbecuing and have their friends and family around to enjoy a proper BBQ banquet. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get cooking? If not, then we've got you covered! We've gathered the top 5 ultimate BBQ recipes for you to try out this Summer and impress those friends and family.  

1. BBQ Beef Ribs with Steak Rub

    This recipe is for the real rib lovers! The ones who love proper juicy, succulent and tender ribs. Give this recipe a try this summer and feel like a real chef. 

    2. BBQ Cajun Salmon with Cajun Rub

    Not too keen on meat? Well this recipe transforms your plain, everyday salmon into a spicy, Summery dish that will get your guests wanting more and more. Get cooking and download this recipe with the link HERE.

    3. BBQ Chilli Hot Wings with Chilli Rub

    Feeling hot, hot, hot? This one is daringly delicious and will be sure to wake up those taste buds. This one is perfect to match the summer weather and to enjoy the BBQ season this year. Make the most of the summer we have left!

    4. BBQ Moroccan Lamb with Moroccan Rub

    Do you enjoy cooking with cultural inspiration? Moroccan spices have been tried and tested on lamb and confirmed to compliment the flavors perfectly and are not too overpowering. This recipe is perfect for trying something different this summer and attempting something outside of the normal BBQ. To get this delicious recipe, just download via the link HERE.

    5. BBQ Smoky Chipotle Burger with Chipotle Jam

    You can't have a BBQ without the ultimate burger! And this burger promises to provide the perfect balance of spicy, sweet and smoky. What more could you want! Our own Chipotle Jam is the perfect combination to ensure the perfect BBQ burger this summer. Just download via the link below to start your summer BBQ season. 

    We hope your try and enjoy the ultimate 5 BBQ recipes for this summer! If you love the recipes as much as we did then leave a comment and give us some feedback.

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