Your Ultimate Guide to BBQ Rubs

Boring bangers and bland burgers just won't do. Take your al fresco dining to the next level this summer by discovering the range of artisan blended BBQ rubs from Ross & Ross Gifts.

Now the sun is out, meals are moving outdoors and BBQ season is in full swing. Sadly, we all know at least one person who should not be allowed within 100 metres of the grill. Whether it's serving up a cremated sausage in a bun or plating up chicken so raw that a good vet could bring it back to life, we don't want anyone to be the victim of a bad barbie. To help even the most hopeless chef serve up something spectacular, we've created a range of unique BBQ rubs inspired by our travels near and far. What will you create? 

How to use BBQ rubs

BBQ rubs are a mixture of ground spices, salt and sugar that are massaged into the surface of meat before cooking and are an excellent way to add deeper flavours to your meat before you begin grilling. For best results, add your BBQ rubs to your meat at least an hour before you intend to cook. For robust meats like pork and lamb, allowing the rub to infuse overnight will yield even more delicious flavour. We don't believe in a one size fits all solution to BBQ rubs. So we have created our blends to suit different meats, inspired by our travels after consultation from the experts at Fox's Spices. The result is eight spice blends to revolutionize your grilling.

BBQ Rub for Pork

A well balanced rub with a classic onion, celery base, a bit of heat from the pepper and paprika and fruity notes from the coriander and basil.

Cajun Rub for Fish

Classic Cajun spices with a kick from the cayenne and pepper and a nice rounded flavour from the thyme, garlic and onion.

Jerk Rub for Chicken

Classic Jamaican flavours and also works well on fish and lamb

Sweet Ribs Rub for Pork

Sweet, smoky and spicy for pork ribs or belly pork. Lots of smoky chilli notes, a good bit of balanced heat followed by sweetness from the Cassia and palm sugar.

Chilli Rub for Chicken

A deep rich smoky heat coming from the chillis, balanced with fragrance from the coriander and tarragon.

Steak Rub for Beef

Try on Bavette or rump. This has a base of garlic and onions with a layer of spicy, smoky and fruity chillis, then fragrance from allspice and dried porcini mushrooms to get an almost umami feel.

Moroccan Rub for Lamb

Perfect on slow cooked shoulder of lamb or butterflied leg. A full-on assault on the senses with these amazingly fragranced spices.

Tandoori Rub for Chicken

Full of savoury spice, ideal for a spatchcocked chicken. Check out our ranges of BBQ salts, BBQ oils and BBQ jams!

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