Get ready for summer with Ross & Ross' BBQ Range

Summer's here and it's time to fire up the grill - make the most of every al fresco meal with the Ross & Ross BBQ range.

Whether you're a novice on the coals or a grilling aficionado, everyone loves a barbecue. It's a chance to get together with friends and family to enjoy some great food and even better company. There's something about lighting fires in your garden that lures out people who shun the cooking for the rest of the year and inspires them to serve up dinner that night. And we're all for it! Bearing this in mind, we have created the Ross & Ross BBQ Range - expert products to take your grilling to the next level, based on barbecue recipes from around the world. We've taken inspiration from the infamous barbecue blends of the American Mid West, aromatic spice combinations from the night souks of Morocco, fiery jerk flavours from the Caribbean and beyond. We chose to collaborate with noted spice merchants Fox's Spices to refine our ideas and have created a variety of BBQ rubs, jams, oils and salts that we hope you'll love.

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BBQ rubs

Although BBQ sauces may be the most popular BBQ condiment in the UK, we think that BBQ rubs are where the true flavours lie. By adding the spice blend before cooking and allowing the spices to penetrate the meat for an hour or two - or even overnight - we found we got deeper flavours that blew our socks off. Choose from:

BBQ oils

The oil is part of our Ross & Ross BBQ Range which was created with the intention to add some unique and delicious flavours to the traditional British BBQ. You can now choose between the smaller 100ml bottle or go large with the 250ml bottle. 

BBQ salts

We looked at ways to get extra flavour into the cooking process so looked at the main basis of seasoning meat. We have worked with Halen Mon at many shows over the years so approached them with an idea of blending various flavoured salts and their world’s finest sea salt. The result is a range of unique seasonings that bring out the best in your barbecued meats.

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