Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

This year, we wanted to help you to make Mother's Day that bit extra special, so we have created a Mother's Day guide that will inspire you to think outside of the box.


Although flowers and chocolates will always be a favourite- we believe that our range of foodie kits and hampers would make the perfect gift for any food-loving mum/ mother figure in your life.
Whether they love to experiment in the kitchen and come up with their own recipes, or they love to take command over the BBQ- we certainly have something for everyone!


Gifts for the Experimental Chefs

These foodie gifts are perfect for the chefs who love to experiment- whether that be with unique recipes, ingredients or experiences.

The Homemade Curing Kit...Bacon

  This kit is perfect for anyone that wants to learn a new skill, loves bacon or wants to try out a new and unique culinary experience. The kit allows you to cure up to 1.5kg of bacon and in three different cure flavours – original, sweet & smoky and includes a step by step guide that talks you through the curing process. Also available- The XL Homemade Curing Kit...Bacon and The Homemade Curing Kit... Salmon.

Ultimate Steak & Chips Kit

This is the perfect gift for anyone who would like to try something new; this kit is filled with 8 fabulous, locally sourced, Cotswold products- each packed with the purpose to help you create the most flavoursome steak and crispy chips. Includes our award-winning BBQ Salt and Roast Potato Oil, our incredible Salt & Vinegar Salt and our fragrant Steak Rub! The kit even includes recipe cards with step by step instructions.


Gifts for the BBQ Lovers

Does your mum love to command the BBQ? These BBQ products, kits and hampers would make the perfect cooking companion for any true BBQ lover in your life.

BBQ Hamper- Original

Our highly-rated BBQ Hamper is bursting with a variety of unique and delicious barbecue products; including a selection of fragrant BBQ Rubs, two delicious hot sauces, our BBQ JamBBQ Oil and our award-winning BBQ Salt - all intended to help you enhance your British summer BBQ.

Hot & Smoky BBQ Kit

Perfect for anyone that prides themselves on their incredible BBQ skills… this kit contains a selection of goodies- all intended to help uplift the traditional British BBQ with some truly glorious flavours. Includes two spicy BBQ Rubs, our award-winning Spicy BBQ Salt, BBQ Jam, Spicy BBQ Oil and two delicious hot sauces. The kit even contains recipe cards to really impress your barbecue guests!


Gifts for the Roast Dinner Experts

If your mum loves to create roast dinners, these foodie products and gifts will help them to create the most delicious roast dinner they'll ever make.

British Roast Dinner Box

This epic roast dinner kit includes 4 foodie products to help create the ultimate roast dinner; includes our award-winning Roast Potato Oil, our unique Pigs in Blankets Dust, our Roast Dinner Dust and our Roast Chicken Rub. Also available- our Veggie Roast Dinner Box.

Ultimate Full Roast- Beef

This epic roast dinner kit is filled to the brim with 7 foodie products- each with the purpose to help you create the ultimate beef roast dinner. Also includes our award-winning Roast Potato Oil and BBQ Salt. Also available- the Ultimate Full Roast- Chicken and the Ultimate Full Roast- Veggie.


Gifts for the Health Fanatics

This variety of gifts are ideal for all those who love delicious food, whilst maintaining a healthy and nutritional diet.

Veggie Roast Dinner Kit

This award-winning roast dinner kit will help you to create the ultimate veggie roast dinner. This kit includes 4 different products that have been specifically selected to work perfectly for each part of your veggie roast dinner, such as our our award-winning Roast Potato Oil, our Veggie Rub No.1, Veggie Rub No.2, and Veggie Rub No.5. Also available- the British Roast Dinner Kit.

The Homemade Curing Tube...Salmon Smoky

This salmon curing kit is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to experience a unique culinary experience that uses proper artisan methods. The best thing about this tube edition is that it includes just one main curing mix from our customers' favourites – the smoky cure which allows you to cure up to 1.8 kg of salmon. Also available; our Homemade Curing Tube...Salmon Beetroot edition.


We really hope that this gift guide has given you all some inspiration for how you can make Mother's Day that bit extra special.
Unsure what to cook on Mothering Sunday? Have a look at our brilliant roast dinner recipes! Like our recipes for Classic Roast Chicken, Perfect Roast Beef or our recipe for the best Vegan Nut Roast!