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The Homemade Curing Kit

Bacon Curing Kit Refill Pack


Back for more? You can purchase curing refill packs for our Homemade Curing Kit...Bacon so you can continue making delicious, cured bacon. This refill pack allows you to cure up to 1.5kg of bacon in three different cure flavours - original, sweet and smoky.

  • 3x curing mixes – original(15g), sweet(25g) and smoky(20g)

Shelf life: minimum one year but the cures will only lose flavour after that period, they are not dangerous to consume.

Packaging: plastic pouches.


Sweet Cure (25g) – Salt, Demerara Sugar. Preservatives: Sodium Nitrate

Smoky Cure (20g) – Salt, Sugar, Smoke Flavouring. Acidity regulator: Sodium Carbonate. Preservative: Sodium Nitrate. Antioxidant: Sodium Ascorbate

Original Cure (15g) – Salt, Sugar. Preservatives: Sodium Nitrite. Antioxidant: Sodium Ascorbate.

  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free          
  • Suitable for vegetarians                
  • Contains no nuts, egg or soy

Allergens: None

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Bacon Curing Kit Refill Pack



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